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How we make a difference

We are three sisters, Veronika, Mirta and Divna. Through our private practice of psychotherapy, counselling and coaching services, our aim is to support our clients in discovering all parts of themselves, even the most hidden ones.

Through our work, we want to restore trust in the expertise within the field of mental healthcare and in the therapeutic process itself. We firmly believe that the therapist's high education and expertise are the key foundation in unfolding your unique story. You can find us where your authentic self lies - Between the Lines.

How we make a difference
  • Trust
  • Expertise
  • Authenticity
  • Professional

Our services

It takes courage to face yourself.

Reach out to us with confidence and let’s take the first step on your courageous journey to the most hidden parts of yourself ‒ together, let’s dive deep between the lines through our services:


All services are available face-to-face or online, in Croatian or English

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